Why Repeat Yourself SEO 101

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Making a web page search engine friendly plays a huge role in whats called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Essentially there are many ways to optimize a website to make it more search engine friendly and the main reason is to make it easier for engines to find the page giving it a better rank amongst masses of other webpages. In other words web pages that are not SEO friendly are harder to find when people search for them cia search field using keywords and therefore are less likely to reach their audience. Who wants to create a website that no one knows exists or is the 2000th hit instead of on the first few pages or even the top 20? Crawlers are what searches use to sift through keyword within a page to match the ones another user is searching for. Since crawlers look for keywords it’s a good idea to pick several key words and try to use them often. Make your posts clear and concise like my previous post on social media marketing where I used those words probably more than I needed to, but for the sake of searchability it’s worth it. The more easily my site is found the more traffic it gets and the more popular it becomes. When creating the Social Media marketing post there were many additional text boxes for picture captions, tags, secondary captions, alternative text all of which I filled out. Since crawlers don’t search pictures’ but search captions of pictures it’s a good idea to do this. It’s a also a great way to throw in a few more additional keywords. SEO is a long and tedious process, but a web page written, planned, and organized well increases its searchability and makes the webpage an easier target for any sharpshooting web crawler and will save you also of time, headache, and editing in the future. This is another JPEG I found with the ABC’s to SEO optimization.



Social Media Marketing Tools

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Overnight my website recieved more web traffic than I’ve gotten since the website first went up. Social media marketing is definitly a great tool when it comes to bringing traffic to your site. This made me dig a little deeper and do some research. I really want to learn the ins an outs of social media marketing to give Fairfield Web Designs the extra edge for its customers. With all the applications out there like linkedin, instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, and pinterest i found and downloaded apps like tweetcaster, everypost, and hootsuite which are apps that will organize all of my social media marketing accounts. I also came across this really helpful poster I have a feeling I’ll be familiarizing myself with as I learn how to better drive traffic to my websites and blogs. My study worked so effectively it’ actually motivating me to start another blog thats entertaining, personal, and social media friendly for the sake of mastering this skill thats becoming increasingly necessary for online websites, business owners, and web designers. Here’s a picture of the social media marketing tool I found during my research.


Pinterest Doubles My Website’s Traffic

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Okay so it’s been four hours with my “pin” button and I”ve gotten more visitors to my website than I got for the entire week which clearly shows there’s awesome marketing potential and clearly I need to familiarize myself even more. Right now I’m struggling to understand something which ist when I click this “pin it” button why doesn’t the photo post on any of my accounts on Pinterest as a “pinned” image. It has to be posted somewhere because it asked me information as to where I wanted to post it and with what caption. I’ll further educate myself on this Pinterest marketing to drive traffic to my site and explore alternative media like tumblr, Google+, and linkedin whole I keep everyone posted. This photo is another test that I’ll put in the same pinboard in my FWDs Pinterest account so it will be similar to the last one’s the only difference is instead of adding a pin button to my website here on FWDs I’m going to add the URL that the image is on to the “add pin” in the front end of where the image gets posted, in other words, via through my Pinterest accounttumblr_m30m4kDhEi1r793yto1_500


Working With Social Marketing

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Just doing a little experimenting with some online marketing tools.You’d be suprised how many people are using social media to drive web traffic to their websites these days. Studies show Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social mediums people are using to market their businesses online from product advertisement to google ads on blogs. People rather look at pictures than read and really that’s a no brainer, but when a viewer clicks on the picture they’re redirected to the website it came from. A website once lost amoungst the billions of pages of internet files now has a better chance of getting discovered as hundreds of millions of people sift through these catagorized photos dubbed “pins”. Here I’ve taken a photo of a pretty face and “pinned” it, lets see if it drives any traffic my way and I’ll keep you posted.


Classes Tutorials and Seminars

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If learning how to build a website isn’t in your price range or one on one isn’t your thing then check back here for scheduled classes and seminars as well as downloadable tutorials where you can learn to create a website right from your couch by following steps and videos. Remember to click follow on the left so you can receive updates by e-mail this way whenever something new is posted in this window you’ll be the first to know and sign up.