Social Media Marketing Tools

Overnight my website recieved more web traffic than I’ve gotten since the website first went up. Social media marketing is definitly a great tool when it comes to bringing traffic to your site. This made me dig a little deeper and do some research. I really want to learn the ins an outs of social media marketing to give Fairfield Web Designs the extra edge for its customers. With all the applications out there like linkedin, instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, and pinterest i found and downloaded apps like tweetcaster, everypost, and hootsuite which are apps that will organize all of my social media marketing accounts. I also came across this really helpful poster I have a feeling I’ll be familiarizing myself with as I learn how to better drive traffic to my websites and blogs. My study worked so effectively it’ actually motivating me to start another blog thats entertaining, personal, and social media friendly for the sake of mastering this skill thats becoming increasingly necessary for online websites, business owners, and web designers. Here’s a picture of the social media marketing tool I found during my research.



~ by dominicksciarretta on January 3, 2013.

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