Pinterest Doubles My Website’s Traffic

Okay so it’s been four hours with my “pin” button and I”ve gotten more visitors to my website than I got for the entire week which clearly shows there’s awesome marketing potential and clearly I need to familiarize myself even more. Right now I’m struggling to understand something which ist when I click this “pin it” button why doesn’t the photo post on any of my accounts on Pinterest as a “pinned” image. It has to be posted somewhere because it asked me information as to where I wanted to post it and with what caption. I’ll further educate myself on this Pinterest marketing to drive traffic to my site and explore alternative media like tumblr, Google+, and linkedin whole I keep everyone posted. This photo is another test that I’ll put in the same pinboard in my FWDs Pinterest account so it will be similar to the last one’s the only difference is instead of adding a pin button to my website here on FWDs I’m going to add the URL that the image is on to the “add pin” in the front end of where the image gets posted, in other words, via through my Pinterest accounttumblr_m30m4kDhEi1r793yto1_500



~ by dominicksciarretta on January 2, 2013.

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